Tuesday, January 25, 2005

no scrubs

i am sick.kinda.

My sweetie's fever broke sometime last night, something i am really thankful for. He's been having the 24 (or should i say 48?) hour bug, and i think remnants of that has been transferred to me. My nose is clogged and my eyes have been watering. *sigh* Oh well. It's not a bad thing, actually. I guess i'm used to the fact that i have these every so often from stress and all the weather changes happening.

+ + +

Things have been quite hectic at work lately that after office i just head back home and try to get some rest. It's been fun, just hangin' around the house, watching Sopranos with him and eating dinner. It's funny, a couple of months back i would have rather killed myself than stay at home but these days i have a better time hangin at home than elsewhere. Hmmm... is this old age catching up with me? Yeah, right...hehhehe.

I love chillin' with my sweetie so much that i actually worry sometimes that we've been spending waaay too much time together we might feel some fading lovin'. So far, that hasn't happened (i'm glad) and i hope it never will. He's such a great guy to hang out it (insert mushy stuff here) and he's so smart (one of the many things i find sooo hot in a guy) and funny. (ok, i'll stop now)

+ + +

I don't want no scrubs, scrubs is a guy who won't get no love from me.... AARRGH!! Must..stop.. LSS.... *fumes* (thank God my sweetie ain't a scrub)

+ + +

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